The world of comic book superheroes has brought us some of the greatest gifts of imagination. People always talk about their powers and their costumes, but what about their vehicles? Some of the superhero vehicles make us laugh, some make us incredibly jealous, but just about all of them offer a sense of awe and wonder when trying to conceive of it in life. Let’s check out the coolest of these vehicles.

Batman’s Flying Batcave

OK, maybe choosing the flying Batcave as the absolute coolest superhero vehicle depends on your definition of cool, but I can’t say no to basically the craziest thought-up mobile home ever. Batman took what already served as the most famous of superhero hideouts and turned it into a vehicle. Were it real, you’d have a pretty tough time comprehending what you’re looking at if it happened to fly by you.

The Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill

The points here come from how unlikely of a superhero vehicle the cosmic treadmill is. It’s perfect; what vehicle do you get if the man who will drive it moves so fast that he has no real need for one? A seemingly stationary one that travels through space and time. And, only he can use it, because to activate it you need to run really, really fast to get the track moving at “cosmic” speeds. Very clever, Mr. Flash.

Spider-Man’s Spider-Mobile

The spider mobile basically looks like an off-road big-wheeled car, but with Spider-Man’s classic pattern as a paint job. But, anything related to Spider-Man is cool. Not only that, but this serves as one of the only vehicles on this list that can (and probably does, somewhere) actually exist in life. Heck, maybe you could even find something like it at Hoffman Auto, so long as you’re willing to paint it yourself.

Fantastic Four’s Fantasticar

It doesn’t seem as if any of these superheroes tried too hard to come up with terribly clever names for their transportation. Another flying machine, this one comes with three cockpits. Now, assuming each one of those cockpits gets used at once while performing different functions simultaneously, that’s pretty awesome. It’s not suitable for a superhero unless it’s complete overkill.

Batman’s Batmobile

Yes, Batman’s on here twice, but it’s impossible to beat his gadget set up, and his vehicles happen to sit at the same level as his gadgets. The Batmobile, probably the most famous superhero vehicle ever, has definitely been recreated in life. If you haven’t seen at least a drawing of it, you’ve lived under a rock.

Always equipped with gadgets and constantly being updated from comic to comic, show to show, or movie to movie, the Batmobile lives on as the most classic and well-recognized superhero vehicle out there.

6. Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

Wonder Woman may have proved herself the coolest superhero out there, simply because of her implied statement with the invisible plane. Yes, it’s just a regular jet (except for the invisible part). And yes, you can still see the people inside the jet, but Wonder Woman doesn’t care.

Trying to keep up in a world where just about every superhero could fly, she matched their game and did so with incredible style, with complete disregard for the practicality behind the invisibility. If that’s not swagger, I don’t know what is.

So that’s what I found in my research for the coolest superhero vehicles. Do you know of some others missing from this list?