There is a plethora of companies that offer services to collect a junk car and pay you a handsome amount for the same. You may have not used your old rusty car in ages and it may have only been a prop in your garage, however, this rusted piece of metal that you no longer require can be the gold that certain companies may be digging for. It may be hard to imagine the use that these unused junk cars may be having for such companies, however, they are much more valuable than you may think.

These are essentially the type of cars that you may not consider getting on the road simply because it has served its time and is now not in good working condition. This could have been caused due to a car crash or some other reason that may have rendered it absolutely useless. These are also the cars that do not qualify for insurance. Besides, these cars have very poor or absolutely no resale value and that is probably the reason why it may be lying in your garage getting more rusty by the day. However, there are certain companies or junkyards that are more than happy to buy these damaged rusty cars from you. Given below are just some of the uses of a junk car that make it a thriving business for the junkyards.

1.)   Selling of the spare parts:

Just because the exterior of the car is damaged does not necessarily imply that the interiors including the spare parts will be in a less than perfect condition. Sometimes, these cars boast of spare parts that are in a reasonably good condition and can be used for some other cars. Car owners also prefer purchasing these kinds of spare parts for a lesser price instead of settling for shiny new ones that come at exorbitant prices. Therefore, these junkyard owners carefully inspect the cars that arrive at their junkyard and take off the good parts that are still in working condition for resale.

2.)   Repairing the cars and reselling them:

Sometimes, there is a possibility that a junk car can be repaired and resold for a much lesser price. Although not all cars are lucky enough to be restored, this essentially depends on the degree of damage that has been done. Sometimes, these cars may fall under the category of classic cars and therefore restoration may be one way to get these cars up and running again.

Besides, sometimes, some clients of these junkyards demand these junk cars for use as a parts car. What they do with this type of a car is that they use it for replacing certain car parts that they already own as part of their repairing process. They use this junk car because in some way it resembles a car or multiple cars that they may already be the owners of. This makes it less expensive to replace the car parts when the need arises.

3.)   Recycling the scrap metal:

The sturdy metal body of a car is probably one of the most important parts that a junkyard aims at. Essentially, when all the mechanical parts of the car that have good value and are still in working condition are sold off, all that remains is the exterior metal body. This metal body is sold as scrap metal to recycling companies that use this scrap metal, recycle it and create new objects and products using this metal. Therefore, a junk car is of very high importance and value to a junkyard as it ensures that no part of a junk car is wasted and every part is put to good use.