In the battle for ugly vehicles that lack practicality, fail in safety standards, have weird shapes and unusual aerodynamic structures, we have many competitors. Some of the world’s biggest manufacturers of automobiles have designed and created unusually funky rides. Nevertheless, the weird aerodynamic structures and ugly shapes are enough to guarantee to turn heads and admiration from some free spirits and liberals. When getting your driving license renewal form these automobiles might be worth checking out.

Mini Hatch

The mini hatch is arguably one of the most recognizable and odd-looking automobiles on modern roads. It tops the list of weird vehicles produced by German automobile manufacturer BMW. Fitted with a 121 horsepower engine, this vehicle comes with great dynamics and a six-speed manual transmission. In terms of fuel economy, this small car is top of the range. Reviewers estimate that it uses only one liter every thirty miles. Buyers are spoilt for choice with a convertible and roofed model. Nevertheless, one has to contend with a small rear, uncomfortable seats and disorganized interior.

Volkswagen Beetle

The beetle is a popular small car on many European roads, thanks to its stylish design. The old model is best known for its rear-end engine and trunk in the front design. New models have styled up and are sleekly designed for the aerodynamic flow of air. The beetle comes in a convertible or hardtop design. In spite of its stylish design, reviewers have complained of its small leg space, low fuel economy and poor safety record.

Smart for two

The outlandish, disproportionate figure of the smart for two makes it a definite eye catcher. When it was first released in 2009, it made quite a splash in the car world. This vehicle has a diminutive size and limited space that makes its only practical as a coupe. Its best feature is its outstanding fuel economy, automatic transmission and ability to park anywhere. This vehicle is swift for city driving but is not pretty on the highway. Drivers in countries that experience sharp crosswinds also complain about its instability. Its low fuel consumption translates to low horsepower and slow acceleration.

Fiat 500

Reviewers of the Fiat 500 are hardly impressed with this small vehicle. In spite of having a colorful retro design and attractive bug lights, this automobile fairs poorly against similar vehicles of its class. One of its most annoying features is the fact that it is built to seat four. This limits the cargo space severely and makes the vehicle even less functional since the rear seats are small. On the bright side, the Fiat 500 has a colorful dashboard with easy to read meters.

Toyota Yaris

For individuals considering a vehicle that offers a pleasant city driving experience and relatively low fuel economy, the Toyota Yaris is the car to buy. This Japanese automobile is considered highly reliable on roads and does not break down easily. Nevertheless, individuals applying for driving license renewal must be warned of the vehicles below average score on a safety. Its braking system is below standard while electronic stability control feature is not available.